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Organizational Aspects

The principal support for the Forum has come from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additional contributions have come from other administrations and local authorities as well as the private sector.

UNESCO has supported the Forum in the framework of its program on the Decade for Education for Sustainable Development, for which it is the leader within the UN system; it has contributed to the definition of the contents of the Forum through a working group consisting of officers in the educational and scientific sectors.

The organization has been entrusted to ICTP (The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics) located in Trieste, an international scientific institution under the aegis of UNESCO and of IAEA, financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) with an annual contribution of 24 million dollars.

The ICTP serves also as a coordinator among the international scientific institutions which are located in Trieste. Some of these institutions are ICGEB-The International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, ICS-International Centre for Science and High Technology, TWAS-The Academy of Sciences for Developing World, and IAP-The InterAcademy Panel, and include universities in the region and national, public and private research institutions and local authorities. A more complete list of participating institutions appears elsewhere on the website.

The draft of the program is the result of work carried out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with ICTP and other Trieste institutions, with suggestions from other competent Ministries and UNESCO.

Il Sole 24 Ore serves as the Media Partner for the Forum.

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