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The Context of the Forum

The document "Education for Innovative Societies in the 21st Century," approved by the G8 Summit in St. Petersburg, recognized the need to promote synergies between science, education and innovation and welcomed the Italian proposal to organize, in collaboration with UNESCO, a "World Forum on Education, Innovation and Research: New Partnership for Sustainable Development".

During the preparation of the G8 summit, Italy supported G8's emphasis on the link between education, research and innovation in the context of "global economy of knowledge". The G8 can, in fact, act as a catalyst for a sustained attention of various bodies, both public and private, in a sector in which effectiveness of action must be evaluated on the medium and long term basis, without being consumed by a single initiative.


It is foreseen that there will be some 500 participants among government representatives and the entrepreneurial and academic worlds. Allocated funds will cover the expenses of participation of selected representatives from developing countries.

Structure of the Forum

The Forum consists of two and one half days of meetings, with four plenary sessions and several parallel sessions.

Three plenary sessions will examine the relationship between academia and industry, the role of governments in research and innovation, the impact of research and innovation on the society in relation to the triangle of knowledge mentioned earlier. The fourth plenary session is dedicated to the contribution of knowledge to development.

The parallel sessions will allow for a focus on specific subjects such as education systems, energy, environment, and health, with focus on sustainable development. The possibility of organizing special events (for example, "lectio magistralis") with the participation of suitable representatives from government or industry is being examined. Additional events are being planned by other institutions to connect their own initiatives in specific thematic areas relevant to the Forum. Other events bearing a connection to the main themes of the Forum are listed elsewhere in this website.

In addition, it is intended for the Forum to constitute a platform for the presentation of initiatives that deserve further support, or for the development of new programs, aimed at the reduction of the technological gap, primarily in sectors such as modern technologies of information and communication, nanotechnologies and bioengineering.

Special session on Africa

A special session will be devoted to Africa, following the decision of the African Union to focus in 2007 on the contribution of scientific research, technology and innovation for Africa's socio-economic development.

Cooperation from G8 countries

The G8 partners have cooperated in suggesting speakers from the government, the private sector and the academic and scientific communities of their countries, and in agreeing to contribute to the planning and the quality of the event.

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